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This is a simple location-aware app that provides basic local categories for you to browse through. These 13 categories should cover just about anything you might need. This app does not learn your tendencies like Sherpa does, but is useful and intuitive for your everyday needs. There is no setup and very little to do other than tap away on the screen. You can customize this app by setting your distance to metrics or feet, and you can clear the history to cover your tracks. This simple app can be a real time-saver and helper.

DESIGN SIMPLICITY: This is an easy app to use. There are no channels, preferences, or anything else to set. Just fire it up and it figures out where you are and what is close by. You can read available reviews, view pictures in the gallery, and see where the item is found on a map.

Hacrt Directory: Shoppkn, ffl* ffl*

* Fresh Pond Shopping Ce..

MS Concord Avenue. Cambridg 0.2ml > •• • •

> Whole Foods Fresh Pond

200 Alevofe Brook Parkway. c*_

» White Hen Pantry

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