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Have you ever lost your phone, or worried that it may have been stolen? Find out exactly where it is by sending a text message from any other phone. Pintail keeps track of your phone's position, and when you send your phone an SMS message that includes your personal PIN, Pintail will send back its location. If you want to share your location with friends or family, just give them your PIN number and they can keep tabs on you without having to call and ask where you are.

PIN A TAIL ON YOUR PHONE: Setting your phone up with Pintail is as easy as launching the app and entering a PIN at the prompt. You can change your PIN at any time by opening the app again, so if you've temporarily shared your location with friends or family for a specific reason, you can easily make the PIN private.

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^f 'Enter your PIN number

^f 'Enter your PIN number

PHONE HOME: When you find your phone has gone missing, borrow someone else's phone (or use an online SMS service) and send a text message with the text "locate <PIN>" to your phone. Pintail will find your phone's position and return a text message with an estimate of its location, complete with a link to Google Maps.


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