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Phonalyzr displays your call log and SMS log information in a variety of groupings and graphs. This is a handy way to keep track of your plans mm utes if you're not concerned about going over your limit. You can also set your billing date range and view your history. I find it interesting to look at the top Callers by Calls chart, so I can see who I am talking with the most.

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Free / $1.99 Full version Version: 2.1 EyeOnWeb

Free / $1.99 Full version Version: 2.1 EyeOnWeb

Faves is similar to Phon.ilv/r, but fewer charts and visual elements. It displays your call logs in a nice table that is sortable and searchable. When you dive into a log for a particular contact, you have the option to get Contact Information, Call Log, Trends, or Clear Data. The Trends option allows you to view a chart detailing your log history with basic stuff like the caller, including Time, In Calls, and Out Calls.


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