Pet Care Services


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Your pet is an important member of your family, so of course you take him with you on vacation, right? But when you're away from home, you're also removed from your trusted pet care services. Whether your dog needs a shampoo, sitter, walker, dog park, day care, trainer, emergency veterinary care, or just that certain brand of dog food that's the only thing he'll eat, Pet Care Services puts you in touch with the closest providers.

HERE COME THE GROOMERS: If Fido rolls around in the muck when you visit the family farm, where are you going to take your pooch to get cleaned up professionally? A quick search reveals there are more groomers in the area than you realized, faster and more efficiently than sifting through Google results or (gasp!) flipping through the Yellow Pages.

PET PROJECTS: Select a provider from the list to see exactly where they're located. Send yourself an email or text message with the address, or just give them a call by pressing the phone icon on your screen.

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