Package Tracking


Version: 1.0.2 Technogeek00

Who knew that tracking your precious cargo using your phone could be even easier than tracking it on the Web? This slick little app tracks packages from more than 10 delivery services and maps your package's current location. Another interesting feature is the ability to scan the barcode on your package and track it that way. Or you can input an old tracking number and get information on a previous delivery.

AUTO REMEMBER: If you send and receive lots of packages, this app is for you. In the settings, you can auto-save numbers so you don't have to keep entering the number over and over again. You can also have the app bring up your last-used number, which is helpful when you're tracking a specific package. After all, why retype all those numbers when you don't have to?

MISTER SCANMAN: The barcode scanner in this app works wonderfully—in face, the camera seems to work better here than it does in the Barcode Scanner app. You can scan package after package without having to restart. This app also stores your package information, so you can go back and check or delete the status.

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