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Version: 1.0.8 OpenTable, Inc.

OpenTable helps you make reservations at local dining establishments. This app provides links to menus, reviews, location, and most importantly seat availability at local restaurants. You'll never again walk up to the latest trendy restaurant only to be turned away because there are no seats left. If you do use this app and discover that a restaurant has no spots left, it doesn't hurt to call them—there are often cancellations.


There are more than 100 metro areas found in OpenTable, and you can decide whether you want to stay in the city or reach out into the suburbs. Staying metro will search all the metro restaurants of your choice. It's also useful to indicate party size, particularly when you have a large party and want to ensure you can be accommodated.

RESERVE YOUR TABLE: Before you go to any restaurant, you can find out what times are available and learn about the restaurant. The number of $ signs indicates how pricey the establishment is. When you click on a time, you'll be prompted to enter your reservation details.

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