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Free Lite / $2.99 Full version Version: 1.3 Prolog Inc.

As its name implies, this app really is neat. Whether you're selling or buying, this makes credit card payments easier and faster. It currently works on two major online payment gateways: Authorize.Net and PayPal Payflow Pro. With NeatPayment, you can pay or accept payment even if you don't have a credit card terminal, and better yet, it imposes no additional cost per transaction. This is a handy way to buy or sell when you are on the road or at a trade show or convention.


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NEATO: You can get paid by credit card, no matter how small your business. NeatPayment allows you to check funds and then authorize the major credit card types for any transaction you have. Using Authorize.Net as one of your payment options, you can even complete a credit card transaction to sell your old sneakers at a yard sale.

PAYPAL INTERFACE: Even if your potential customer doesn't have a credit card, you can still do business with them by using PayPal. Since PayPal is a trusted service, you get all of its built-in protections, whether you are selling or buying.

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