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If you can never decide what to wear or find yourself forgetting about that sweater in the back of the closet that doesn't go with anything, it's time to organize your closet. But instead of going out and buying space savers, shoe racks, and extra hangers, use MyCloset to manage information about your clothes virtually. Catalog your entire wardrobe, select an outfit without digging through racks of clothes, and record your daily outfits for posterity.

CLOSET ORGANIZER: Take control of your wardrobe by organizing all of your fashion items in MyCloset. Start by either taking a photo of each piece, choosing from preloaded items, or importing information from Give your item a name, index it by color, and specify which seasons it's appropriate for.


Modify D*4rt* Top Menu

Item Name

I Green Sleeveless

Index Color

Available Months closet coordinates: What do you have that goes with that green sleeveless top you want to wear today? Open MyCloset to coordinate your whole outfit, matching tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories, even handbags. The zipper that you use to scroll down all the categories is a particularly nice touch.

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