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Hardcore runners no longer need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an expensive GPS watch. If you have a GPS-enabled Android phone, you can get most of the same features for free with Google's My Tracks. My Tracks records and displays your distance, duration, elevation, pace, and other information in real time while you run (or ride, or hike). Even better, it integrates with Google Docs and Google Maps to record all of your running data so you can show off to your friends.


Tracks records your distance, speed, elevation, and even your latitude/longitude while you run, and displays the data on an easy-to-read interface. After the run, choose "Send to Google ..." to import your stats into a spreadsheet on Google Docs. Each run gets its own row with these details and more, allowing all sorts of data wrangling and number crunching for the most neurotic of runners.

MY MAPS: When you choose "Send to Google..." you also have the option to upload your route information to Google's My Maps. Each run gets its own map, linked to a field in the Google Docs spreadsheet. The map also provides thumbtack markers for points along the route (added by you or somewhat arbitrarily by default) and a summary of the stats associated with the route on Google Docs.

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