Key Ring Reward Cards


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Is your key ring or wallet overflowing with all the rewards cards (also known as affinity cards) you've collected from the supermarket, hotel, drugstore, hardware store, frequent flyer programs, bookstore, rental car company, and other stores or service providers? Organize them all in one place with Key Ring Reward Cards. With all your barcodes on your phone, you'll never need to carry another card again.

ONE KEY RING TO RULE THEM ALL: Just start scanning your barcodes and loading them up on your Key Ring. If your card is so old or beat up that your phone can't read the barcode, don't worry. Just select the retailer from the huge list of options and enter the number on the barcode manually.

Ace Rewards

CVS ExtraCare

Shaw's Supermarket

SWIPE THIS: When the person at the checkout asks for your rewards card, select the retailer from your Key Ring list, hand over the phone, and tell the cashier to swipe your screen. The virtual card might get you a raised eyebrow, but it'll work just as well as the physical card that used to take up space in your wallet.

Shaw's Ir^ui supermarket


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