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Kayak.com is one of the largest travel search sites, and this app brings its flight, hotel, car rental, and other trip searches to your Android phone in a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Like the website it integrates with, the Kayak app sifts through the data from hundreds of different travel sites, allowing you to compare options, prices, and more before sending you off to book your trip in whatever manner you want, whether it's at the airline site, the hotel, a car rental company, or a travel agent.

choose your adventure: Kayak's main screen lets you tailor your search to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's picking a flight, reserving a hotel, renting a car, checking your flight status, or getting information on flight trends. (Click the Buzz icon for best fares and average fare details between specific locations over a certain time frame.)

TAKE FLIGHT: The Flight screen allows you to narrow down your options to find the perfect match for your trip. Choose your origin and destination, the dates you're planning to travel, and your cabin preference (Economy, Business, or First Class). You can also specify a one-way trip or a nonstop flight.


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