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Version: 1.0.6

Smart Android Apps, LLC

Whether you're playing music on your phone or just want access to all the sounds on your phone in one place, the AudioManager Widget has you covered. Like your computer's volume mixer, AudioManager gives you live readings of volume levels for each audio element of your phone. Just press and slide the volume bars to adjust each level independently. The home-screen widget gives you always-on readings, and the console for full control is just a tap away at all times.

VOLUME CONSOLES: AudioManager gives clear level readings for the volume of your alarms, music, alerts, ringer, system, and voice, all on a single screen. Just slide down the volume bars to reduce the annoyance of some notifications, or really pump up the volume of your tunes.

choose your widget: You have two options for the widget size. This should accommodate volume-obsessed users who want to read the titles of all their levels, and also satisfy those who just want a quick glance or can't spare the screen real estate for such detail.


Best Personalized Radio App

Pandora Radio


Version: 1.1.2 Pandora

Pandora is your own personalized radio, playing just the kind of songs you're interested in and helping you find new artists with similar styles. Create a unique station for each of your distinct musical tastes and tune in to whatever you're in the mood for. The more you listen, the better Pandora learns what you really like, providing even more targeted suggestions. If you're already a Pandora user, just log in to get immediate access to your existing personal stations.

CREATE A STATION: Just type the name of an artist or song you love and Pandora does the rest for you, playing songs in the same genre or artists that other users have rated similarly to your favorites. Save the station to listen to the same type of music the next time you're in the mood.

Type In the name of your favorite artist, song or composer and we'll create a radio station featuring that music and more like it

FIND SIMILAR ARTISTS: Which artists share a style with your favorites? You might be able to think of a few, but Pandora has enough recommendations from other users to surprise you with something new. If you agree with the recommendation, give it the thumbs up and other Pandora users will benefit from your recommendations. If Pandora got it wrong, just say so and it won't repeat the same mistake again.

JotmnyCajh The Great lost Performance (Tti_



The Great IcftAgrformance

Melchior Productions. Lie

Nmryork. CityMsn*. c*m

Down South

Tom Petty

Highway Companion

Why this song is playing:

We're playing this track because It features folk Influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, acoustic rhythm piano, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, major key tonality, a dynamic male vocalist, acoustic rhythm guitars, prominent organ and many other similarities Identified in r *

TRACK INFO: Never heard of an artist that Pandora suggested? Get tons of information on the artist, album, and all the traits used to associate the song with your predefined criteria.

Amaron UPI - Search: â– BOOIMiMAM*

II. Spanish Harlem Incide

Bob Dylan

BUY IT NOW: If you happen upon a new song that you just have to own, Pandora gives you one-click access to Amazon's MP3 store for immediate purchase.



Version: 1.3.3 Last.fm Ltd.

Last.fm is a very close second to Pandora, and it connects with a variety of other media players and apps through plug-ins. In fact, you'll find plenty of users who swear by Last.fm over Pandora, making the decision of which app to use largely a result of personal preference or which online service you might already use. At any rate, Last.fm definitely goes head-to-head with Pandora, feature by feature, but I have accounts with both services and find Pandora to be a slicker, more pleasing experience.

M Best Streaming Music App


Free trial / $12.99/month subscription Version: 1.2 RealNetworks, Inc.

Pandora and Last.fm are great (and free) if you know what you're in the mood for but want to be surprised by the songs you get. But if you know exactly what you want and you want it now, go with the on-demand streaming music service offered by Rhapsody. For a monthly subscription, you'll get immediate access to millions of songs to match your whim. Rather than buying tracks or albums to remain in your collection permanently, Rhapsody gives you all the tunes you want, right now.

BEST OF THE BEST: Search by song or artist and see what other people are listening to most. Add songs to your queue to create a custom radio station to listen to for the rest of the day.

Top tracks far lady Cafa

Preview all tracks Replace In queue

Bad Romance from The Fame Monster

Poker Face from The Fame

Paparazzi from The Fame

Just Dance featuring Colby t from The Fame

Telephone featuring Beyonc from Use Fame Momler

Bad Romance from Bad Romance

NOW PLAYING: Get album artwork and access artist information while you listen. Scroll down to see what's coming up in your queue, or skip ahead if you're already tired of the track you're on.

Poker Face by lady Ga(|a

Bad Romance by lady Gap_

lady Gaga

Raised on a musical diet ot Michael Jackson. Cyndl lauper, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, lady Gaga brings a sense ot theatrical

Artist sampler

Album list

Top tracks

PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST: Find out more about the artist of the current song with a brief history of influences, complete album list, samples of their music, their most popular songs, and related artists.

Top Artists Top Alburns

Play all trades Replace In queue

, TiKToK


2 Bad Romance by Lady Gaga_

j Fireflies by CM City

4 I Gotta Feeling by Black tyed Peas

Poker Face

TOP OF THE POPS: If you're looking for the top 40, Rhapsody offers lists of the most popular artists, albums, and songs of the moment. With a constantly revolving and updating playlist of the hippest music going, you'll never miss a beat.

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