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The HelloTXTroid app makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends on different social networks that are fed from hellotxt.com. Much like AnyPost, this app lets you update all your accounts from one place, although you do need to first set up and configure your account from the Web. It's simple to set up, easy to run, and powerful enough to make things go lightning-fast once you are up and running. HelloTXTroid is not quite as full-featured as AnyPost, but it's still an excellent all-in-one social network posting app.

SIMPLE STEPS: Once you set up your account and configure your settings, you're good to go. Click the upper-left tab to write your post, click the camera icon to take a picture (or include one from your SD card), and then click Update. It's as easy as one, two, three.

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SEE YOUR TIMELINE: HelloTXTroid can bring back all the messages found on your social networks and display them in chronological order. To see your messages, click on the upper-right tab and your messages will be displayed in a list. Clicking a message allows you to read it in a pop-up window, but you can't reply to or forward it.

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