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Google Voice (invitation only at the time of this writing) gives you a single phone number that rings all your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Other features include listening in on messages while they are being left, recording calls, making low-cost international calls, recording custom greetings for your favorite callers, and blocking annoying callers by marking them as spam. These options have always been available via the web client, but this app finally brings the full feature set to your Android phone.

DIAL OUT: Google Voice has always been able to connect your phone through the web client (it rings both your phone and the person you're calling), but the Android app actually lets you dial out from your Google Voice number on your handset. This makes your Google Voice number show up on caller ID and gives you amazing rates for long-distance calls. For example, I could call my friend in Australia for $.03 per minute.

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VISUALIZE YOUR VOICEMAIL: When you can't answer, specify whether you want your regular voicemail to pick up on one of your phones, or let Google Voice take over to give you a recording and a text transcription. Transcription isn't perfect (see the fourth message), but it's good enough to give you the drift of the message. Your inbox also contains any SMS messages sent to your Google Voice number which is handy for seeing all of your voice and text messages at a glance.


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