Leave your mark on the map of the places you visit by plotting events, special occasions, and memories in the locations where they happen. With 8Foot-prints, you can save a "footprint"—a picture, note, or personal audio record—to a public map (you can also set the footprint as private). The service also records environmental data, so you'll have a record of exactly how cold and rainy it was for that outdoor wedding in Seattle you planned so carefully.

LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS: Put yourself on the map with a brief note, photo, or dictation. Check in to let everyone know where you are, and in the future you can look back on your own historical timeline. You have the option to set the footprint to private, but wouldn't it be more fun to announce your footprint with Twitter and let viewers send you a friendly SMS message?


P t Check in your footprint on the current location

Allow Viewer to SMS you

Set this private tweet it

Audio Recorder

MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS: View the map of the location surrounding your footprint and search for people who have also recently checked in. This can be a great way to get to know people with similar interests who live right down the street from you but whom you've never met. Follow in their footprints and introduce yourself!


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