Fire Wallet

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This app is another great way to manage your finances. It is ideal for when you are traveling and need to separate your personal expenditures from your business expenses. Another nice feature lets you keep an eye on your finances while you are on the go. You can transfer funds between accounts and view your transaction history. You can also add, copy, edit, view, sort, purge, and export and import transactions.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Account management with this app is simple, and there are many options for managing your accounts. You can specify whether the account balance can be negative, the type of account (six choices), and whether the account balance should be included in your total balance. There's space for notes and websites so you can enter more information about each account.

TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: Once you have set up your accounts, you can add debit and credit transactions. Particularly helpful is the recurrence feature, which allows you to have recurring debits (bills) and credits (paychecks). You can also specify whether or not a particular transaction was in one of your budgets, which helps track unbudgeted expenditures.

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