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What's not to love about an app that allows you to find feeds and news you want to load on your phone without having to type a bunch of URLs? The Feed Search is powered by Google, and is an awesome way to discover the news sources you want. And once you find your sources, you can create shortcuts so you have one-touch access to your feeds. You can fine-tune your feeds by loading them through Google, which will help clean up oddly formatted feeds. It's an excellent way to get all your news on the go.

MIX AND MATCH: I typically read tech-related feeds, but I also love baseball, football, and basketball. With this app you can combine all your varied interests into one place and view your personalized news. To add more feeds, simply click the Add tab and search for what you want. The search uses Google to find the most appropriate RSS feeds and returns a list of results.

OPTIONS AND MORE: This app gives you tons of options, so you can customize it to bring back exactly what you want. You can control how frequently you poll for feeds, so if you want to save your battery, choose a longer interval, like every 24 hours. You can also back up and restore your feed lists, which is handy if you want to share your list. Just find the .opml file on the SD card.

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Display & presentation

Set screen, feed list and feed display preferences

Set up and control automatic update preferences



Control notification behavior

Set store limits, turn on SO card storage, etc


Backup / Restore

Back up / restore feed IM to / from SO card

Free / €3.99 Pro version Version: 3.5.0 Mariano Kamp

NewsRob is a solid newsreader that syncs with Google Reader to bring you the news feeds you have selected. You can set it to return from 50 to 1,000 of the most recent articles. One nice feature is that you can mark your news items as either read or unread, and unlike with other readers, the next time you sync to get more articles, NewsRob downloads only the unread articles and deletes the read articles from your phone to make room for more. In fact, when I come across a group of articles I don't want to read, I just mark them all as "read" so they disappear from my feed on the next sync.

DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING: This app does a nice job of downloading everything from the article, including images, links, videos, and so on. This is particularly nice if you want to save a picture. NewsRob lets you star items so you can quickly find them later. You can also share a link to an item.

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Mark unread


Share Link

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MANAGE FEEDS: If you click Menu, choose More, and then select Manage Feeds, you will be able to set download preferences for a particular feed. The options are Headers Only, Feed Content, Feed + Mobile Web Page, and Feed + Web Page. You can also set a notification for this feed to alert you when new articles come in.

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