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This app makes it easy to stay in touch with your Facebook friends, post status updates, adjust user settings, and most everything else you want to do with Face-book. Set the refresh interval to conserve your battery, and choose how you want to be notified of new Messages, Pokes, Requests, Events, and Invites. One nice feature is that if you click and hold on a message, you are prompted to choose Comment or Like, View Profile, or view any URLs in the message.

CLEAN INTERFACE: When you fire up this app, you're presented with six options; click on one and you'll get the latest news from that area of your Facebook account. I actually like this app better than the web version of Facebook—it's cleaner and not so cluttered with ads. I also love the news feed because I have fewer friends on Facebook than I do on Twitter, so I can see the posts from my Facebook friends better because there is less noise.


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DIVE IN: This app will take you deep into your Facebook account. Some of the activities will take place inside this app, whereas others will redirect you to the mobile web version of Face-book. The quick ability to comment or give a thumbs up ("like") is really nice if you like to stay active with your friends. If you click on a photo, you will be taken to the image and others that are in that Facebook library.

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0 Tim O'Reilly

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