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If you prefer instant messaging to tex-ting, or if you need to communicate with people in your office who use IM, this app is ideal for you. It connects you to all your IM accounts and brings them together in one window. The menu button quickly brings you to the Add Buddy and Settings screens, and the three tabs at the top quickly take you to your list of buddies, the chats you have going, and the accounts you have set up.

SEE WHO'S ONLINE: eBuddy lets you see who is online and who is away, without having to log into all of your different networks. It is very easy to add more buddies through the dropdown window that shows a list of the networks you have an account on.

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MULTIPLE CHAT PLATFORMS, NO PROBLEM: If you're like most people, you have instant messenger friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook, GoogleTalk, ICQ, MySpace, and various other places. eBuddy lets you pull all of these different services into one window. You'll like not having to switch back and forth or install separate apps for each account. Just one eBuddy account gets everybody together on one screen.

SET YOUR AVAILABILITY: One great feature of eBuddy is that you can set your status to "appear offline," so potential time-interrupters are thwarted before they can bother you. This can be particularly useful if you are buried in a project because you can leave your phone on for emergency calls but not have to deal with the interruptions of constant IMing. You can set your availability as Busy, Online, Away, or Appear Offline; you can also provide a custom status, like "At the Dentist" or whatever works at the moment.


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