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Version: 1.3 Compare Everywhere

The Compare Everywhere app uses the Open Source barcode scanning techniques developed by ZXing. All you need to do is scan an item's barcode, and the app returns a list of comparison prices and reviews if they are available. You can modify the search radius, but by default the results will consist of stores within 20 miles. Another nice feature of this app is the ability to create a list of items you have compared; you can then export the list to HTML or XML.

SCANNING POINTS: Scanning a product using this app is much like what happens at a grocery store or pharmacy, but here the scan uses the camera function to take a picture once the barcode is recognized. The information on books is very good, but other items will often return "item not found" results.

map to your product search: Because your phone knows exactly where you are, it can give directions to the closest places to purchase your compared item. Sometimes convenience and immediacy are more important than getting the cheapest price.

Learning PHP. MySQL, and JavaScript

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Learning PHP. MySQL, and JavaScript

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Local stores

Barnes and Noble

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2 Staples Plata »am« And Noble

Barn« and Noble details

Online website


1. Nonhshore Will Umn And Noble

Driving directions

210 Andover Street Peabody, Ma 01960 About 13.4 miles May

Call location

2 Staples Plata »am« And Noble

Driving directions

I l ia Broadway

Saugus. Ma 01906

About 14.4 miles away


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