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This pocket bartender will be your secret weapon for your next cocktail party. Your guest wants a Clam Digger? Another wants a Pedro Collins? Someone else just wants something fancy with tequila? No problem. Play it cool and give your guests exactly what they want. You can browse preloaded recipes or search the website by alcohol category, ingredient, or drink name. You may forget names, but you'll never forget another drink.

PICK YOUR POISON: Search an alphabetical list of drinks, browse by drink type, search for ingredients or drink names, and save your favorites for future reference. You even get a lame random pickup line on the home screen, though you're sure to have better results with the recipes.

10001 Cocktail!

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Random Pickup Une

I hi, mere good looking. whacha dnnkm? |

Random Pickup Une

I hi, mere good looking. whacha dnnkm? |

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: Cocktail recipes are stripped down to their essence with basic ingredients, to-the-point instructions for mixing, and user ratings. Of course, use your own judgment and taste when creating your masterpiece, and be willing to accommodate special requests. Still, do you really think James Bond could tell the difference between shaken and stirred?

10001 Cocktail*

10001 I Cocktails

Martini (Dry)


t part dry vermouth


Pour gin and vermouth into mixir^g glass with ice cubes. Stir and strain in cMlled martini glass.

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