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All Android-powered phones come with built-in messaging apps, but for an excellent texting environment you can't beat chompSMS. It has a clean interface and it's loaded with many other nice features and options. The Settings menu lets you customize the app to your style of texting, and you can create shortcuts for your most frequently used character sequences. Generally, SMS messaging allows you to send 160 characters (unless you switch to Unicode, which has a maximum of 70 characters).

SMART FEATURES: The chompSMS text window is in the familiar bubble style, and you can set the bubbles to be color coded. The top of the dialog window shows who you are texting with, and at the bottom you'll see how many messages you have sent to this person. The character and SMS counter make clear how many characters remain for the text being entered.

OPTIMIZE YOUR $ FOR TEXT: Among all the great features for chompSMS, there are even some options that help save you money when sending messages. The Quick Switch feature lets you easily choose between sending messages over the chompSMS network and using your mobile carrier. This comes in handy when roaming internationally, as you can avoid the extra charges for sending and receiving messages.

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