Carrr Matey


Version: 1.5.9 Lionebra Studios

Dude, where's my car? With Carrr Matey on your phone, you'll never have to ask that question again. Mark your position when you park, and Carrr Matey will guide you back using a compass or walking directions. While you're at it, if you're feeding a meter, go ahead and set the timer. You'll know not just how to get back in your car, but also when you need to be there.

DROP ANCHOR: When you leave your car, drop your anchor to establish your position. You can zoom in or out, so you'll be able to find your car whether it's just outside in the parking lot or miles away at the hotel you've forgotten the name of.

WE HAVE OUR HEADING: Turn on the compass on your way back to get pointed in the right direction, or get walking directions for more precision. Keep in mind, however, that this app requires a GPS fix to determine your location, so if you're in an underground parking garage or other place with no signal, you're out of luck.

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