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CardioTrainer goes beyond just running—it's your virtual training partner for cycling, hiking, skiing, and pretty much any other outdoor activity you care to record. Your GPS gives Cardio-Trainer your real-time position, live details on your workout, and a map of your route, all of which you can push to the CardioTrainer servers to access online. Social exercisers can share training goals and progress through Facebook integration, providing powerful extrinsic motivation.

TAKE A HIKE: Hiking is just one of many preset workout types you can choose when you start recording your exercise (there's also skating, rollerblading, snowboarding, team sports, walking, horseback riding, and more). CardioTrainer tracks your steps, distance, elevation climb, speed, calories burned, and location, and displays your stats in real time.


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DON'T GET LOST: The map displays your route, distance, steps, and workout duration. It also shows your elevation in graphical (rather than numeric) format. Zoom in for closer detail, or view your entire route by scaling back. Of course, location awareness requires a strong GPS or 3G signal, so keep that in mind for those hikes in the middle of nowhere.

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