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Like My Tracks, Buddy Runner tracks your distance, duration, and pace while you run, and also records elevation, route, distance, and other stats to review later, either on your phone or uploaded to your personal dashboard at buddyrunner.com. Buddy Runner even records calories burned and one piece of important training data My Tracks doesn't: mile splits, which is much more useful than a final average pace. Still, Buddy Runner doesn't give you the data-crunching possibilities offered by My Tracks through Google Docs.

PACE ME: Record your speed, duration, calories burned, and distance as you run. After uploading your stats to your personal dashboard on the Buddy Runner website, you'll get even more details and ways to view your data, including your average speed, pace splits for miles, and an elevation map. You can even integrate directly with Twitter and Facebook to automatically share your run details as soon as they're uploaded.

Buddy Runner

Workout Map Hlttory

Date: 2010-01-10

Time: 08:30

Duration: 1:5708"

Distance: 14.01 mile

Calories: 1748 kcal

Status: Upload successful

ON THE MAP: Buddy Runner plots your route with a high level of accuracy using Google Maps. When you upload your workout, the map displays on the same page with your other stats, providing a single at-a-glance view into just about everything you'd consider tracking for a particular run.

SkUDO 1:10 PM

Buddy Runner



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