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Version: 1.91 Carmen Delessio

This simple but powerful app is great if you enjoy sharing and viewing photos on Face-book. It's easy to view all your friends' photos on your phone, and your own photos as well. In addition, you can shoot and upload both photos and videos directly from your phone. When viewing a photo, it's easy to Save to Gallery, which will save the file locally on your SD card. If you like posting your photos on Facebook and exploring all your friends' photos, this is a worthy app to install on your phone.

SINGLE PURPOSE: This app doesn't try to do too much—the developers have stuck to the central idea of uploading and viewing photos or videos, and the app does this very well. You can also add simple tags to your uploads and can save locally, but that's about it. No fancy editing tools here.

TAP THROUGH: In addition to using the the Back/Next arrows, you can also simply tap the screen to advance to the next photo in the album. If you tap the screen outside the photo, the app brings up any captions that may be associated with the photo.

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