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This is a great game to challenge your vocabulary and spelling abilities. You are presented with three letters, and you have 30 seconds to create as many words as you can that begin with those letters. Word Puzzle was designed for kids, but it can be addictive and challenging for adults, too.

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Round 3

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ROUNDS OF ACTION: Each round gives you 30 seconds to complete as many words as you can. Type fast, don't make mistakes, and think about using derivative words to boost your score. In other words, if you get RUN, you can make runs, running, runner, rune, runes, runners, rundown, runway, runback, and more before you get to the more difficult words like runcible.



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5 2009-12-23

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Play a round and then pass your phone to a friend (or your kid!) and see if they can beat you. Click on Challenge and automatically see where your score fits on the leader board. The words will repeat after a few games, so don't get too cocky if you start to get high scores. After all, this game was created for j children learning to spell new words!

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