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Version: 2.0.4 Burrotech

Scan2PDF Mobile is a simple-to-use app that does just what you think it does. Hover your phone over the document you want to "scan" and click the Scan Page button. This takes a picture of the document. Make sure it's readable, and then press the Make PDF button to turn it into a PDF file. The "delete page" and "delete all" options can be used to re-scan a page if it didn't turn out correctly, or to delete all of the scanned pages for your document before you turn it into a PDF file. Use the options in the menu key to specify the scan quality, auto-rotate, and options for making the PDF (size, output folder, filenames, and more).

SMART FEATURES: You can build multipage documents by scanning pages one after another. Scan2PDF remembers how many pages it has, and when you press Make PDF it will save them all into one file. If you need a high-quality scan, you can set the level to Ultra for large but clear documents.The rotate page view can be helpful when previewing your pages, so you don't have to cram a horizontal page into a vertical view.

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EMAIL YOUR DOCUMENT: Once all your pages are set and you click on Make PDF, you will see the dialog box below. This gives you the option to email the file, view it, or delete the pages after the PDF has been created. Deleting the pages helps maintain a clean filesystem by getting rid of old documents.

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OPTIONS: Make sure to set default behaviors for all the PDFs you create. Select a size, a directory on your SD card, and an output name. I have given all my PDFs the prefix mob_ so I know it's from my mobile device. I save the files to a directory on my desktop, and then I can search for mob_ to find a PDF I made on the run.

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