Best Mystery Logic Game


Free Lite / £1.50 Full version

Version: 1.25




Ready for a challenge? Check out this game. Once you get to Level 7, this puzzle starts to get difficult, and the difficulty gets more intense with each level. This is a great way to wake up your mind in the morning. Although the main goal (clearing rows or columns of objects) sounds simple, you must clear objects in groups of two, three, or more, which can get tricky. Want to keep your kids occupied while on a long journey? Put this in their hands.

MIND BENDERS: At first it might look like you can muddle through this game with trial and error, but you really need to plan out your moves. A brief message tells you how to proceed with each level. Be mindful of what these messages tell you.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Have a few of your buddies install this app and see who can finish a level first. Or race your way through three levels at a time. As you figure oui the game parameters, Totemo challenges you with new levels. You'll want to grab the full version, because the lite version only goes up to 12 levels.

Games: Casual/Puzzle

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