Best Motorbike Game

ACCELEROMETER: This app uses the phone's accelerometer to allow you to jump forward or lean back. It makes a big difference—for example, when you're going up a hill and lean too far back, you'll tip over and have to start again. You'll need to constantly be aware of your body position when you speed up or slow down. It's a hoot.

SIMPLICITY RULES: There are only three settings in Moto X Mayhem—Sound, Music, and Tilt Sensitivity—and there are seven levels of difficulty. So your high score depends on your mastery of tilting and tapping. Go ahead and tilt and tap your way through the levels, and see how you stack up against other players.

Moto X Mayhem


Version: 1

Dejan Cecar & Tyler Wilson

This game is tough but addictive. You tilt and tap the phone to accelerate and navigate your motorbike through the different course levels. The controls are intuitive, with the use of the acceler-ometer for leaning forward and backward on your bike. Tapping on the left side of the screen brakes. whereas tapping on the right accelerates. You can do flips and stunts, but they have no impact on your score. You can check your top scores and those of other players around the world.

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