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Mobile Defense


Version: 1.2.3 Neevo, LLC

This app is great for those of use who have a tendency to lose our phones. Once installed, Mobile Defense allows you to remotely locate, lock, back up, or wipe your device, in addition to other neat features. One outstanding feature is that the app runs in the background and is undetected in your app list. So if a would-be thief takes your phone, he would not know you are tracking him, nor could he disable the app or uninstall it.

STEALTH TRACKING: Mobile Defense is very good at pinpointing a misplaced device. There is even a street view where you can highlight areas and zoom in. The map views are all viewable while the app is quietly running/sleeping in the background. The app wakes up only when it is asked to report on its whereabouts, so it is not a battery-drain.

HIDDEN FEATURES On the web page for your device, you can alert, lock, back up, wipe, or disconnect the device. The alert is a noisy siren, and it shrills loudly. The dashboard below shows the speed at which the device is moving, which is useful for determining how it is being transported and how quickly (by car, on foot).

Mobile V Defense

WEB INTERFACE: Mobile Defense has some nifty tools that help you recover your phone. You'll see all the locations where your phone has been traveling as well as any changes in the SIM card. The would-be thief may look to see what apps are running by checking Manage Applications in your phone settings. However, Mobile Defense will remain hidden, since it's usually dormant and only awakens to take a reading of your device's location. Unfortunately, the app also sends an SMS message that alerts you of the activity, which could be a tip-off to a would-be thief. For workarounds, check the FAQ on the Mobile Defense website.

Mobile Security


Version: Beta 4.4.2 Lookout

If you are moving attachments around, you should be concerned about viruses, damage, and theft/ loss of your phone. Mobile Security, formerly Flexilis, offers protection against all three in an intuitive app. When installed, the app runs in the background, so a would-be thief will not be aware of its presence. This and other security apps could also be used track a person's whereabouts, if you were so inclined.

GOT A BACKUP PLAN: We've all seen it happen: you lose your phone, or it gets run over by a street paver, or dropped in water and everything is toast. Using the Data Backup feature in Mobile Security provides you with a secure copy of all your data files (contacts, pictures, etc.) on the Web, where you can restore the data quickly and easily.

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