Best Lifestyle Apps

Your Android phone is more than just a powerful tool to keep your business life running—it's a touchstone for your hobbies and passions. Like a good friend who knows you well, your phone can serve as a lifestyle advisor. Moreover, you can tailor it to give you direction for the areas of your life that matter most.

In this chapter, you'll find apps that help you live the life you want, fulfilling your personal resolutions and making your phone adapt to your environment, outlook, and lifestyle. First, get in shape with apps for training, exercising, and just keeping fit. Then, find out the most convenient and inexpensive way to book your travel and record the details of your trip for yourself and your friends. Make sure the weather is appropriate for that vacation, and learn where to shop more ethically, efficiently, and af-fordably while you're away.

Of course you live most of your life at home, so you need apps for entertaining, from cocktail recipes and food dishes to organizing your wardrobe. Find stuff you need, from a new home or apartment to your lost car or phone, or even a bathroom when you really have to go. You can even turn your phone into a metal detector to find that lost paperclip on your desk. Finally, you'll find the best ways to organize all this stuff and actually get it done. After installing the apps in this chapter and taking them through their paces, your phone will know more about you than most of your closest friends. Ask it the right questions and it will likely offer you better recommendations to suit your lifestyle than your pals have ever known.

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