Best Gravity Defying Game

Graviturn Extended


Version: 2.0 Florian Heft

In this game, use gravity to move the red balls off the board while keeping the green ball from falling off the screen. It's simple and there are very few rules, but there are an infinite number of levels to move through as you tilt and move your device to maneuver the balls. This gravity-resisting game will challenge you in different ways, and once you get to level 10, you can tap on the screen and remove blocks that impede your progress. Watch out—this game is addictive!


Witch out for the blocks with mose arrows on them.

If a ball touches it, gravitation will be reversed So you have to tiR your device the other way around! _I Tap screen to continue I_

KNOW YOUR STATS: This app remembers where you left off, and brings you back to that level when you restart your game. For each level you complete, you will be shown stats on how quickly you completed it and how you compare to others around the world.


As you progress through the levels, more and more obstacles will get in yout way. Gravity holes, removable blocks, and other items will pop up to spoil your rapid progress. Each level presents new and different challenges. This game is a bit unpredictable as you move on.

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