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Your Android-based phone is a great business tool, entertainment device, lifestyle companion, and travel aid, and it has many other uses as well. One of its most basic and important functions is to communicate. Nowadays, communication refers to many different things, including broadcasting, tweeting, podcasting, emailing, texting, and myriad other forms of connecting with someone or something else. Android-powered phones excel at connecting people, devices, and applications, and thus enable more effective communication.

In this chapter we discuss a few Android apps that center around communication, connections, and transmitting a message, file, or something else from one place to another. The Android market is full of communication apps, but we will highlight only those we feel are most useful and that have been rated the highest.

So whether you're looking for a great texting app or a better way to sync your email with your phone, you'll want to spend some quality time with this chapter.


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