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Version: 1.0.26

What the Doodle!? is a real-time online multiplayer game in which one player sketches out a given phrase and other players guess what it is. It's dangerously addictive, and may lead to doodling during boring meetings. One nice feature is the built-in social networking. You can connect to friends, have a private game where you invite only specific people, or play a random game with the world at large. So next time you're in a yawner of a meeting, get your doodle on.

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DOODLER EXTRAORDINAIRE: Make sure to set up your profile well so people can find you—consider using your Twitter, Facebook, IM, or email username. This allows you to set up a friends-only game. Be warned that you're not allowed to draw numbers or letters, or you'll lose the game. Also, make sure you know what you want to draw before you start scribbling. There is no eraser, only a clear button that will wipe out your masterpiece and force you to start over from scratch.

TAKE ACTION: Think fast, because you have only 40 seconds to get a winning guess in. Not only that, but there are some sharp players out there who answer within seconds. Draw quickly when your turn comes, because if people aren't getting it, you want as many chances as possible to redraw. Watch out—you lose points if nobody can figure it out!

Got Game?

BIG GUNS: If you date, challenge the highest-tanked playetsand see if you have what it takes to play with the big guns. Limited bio information is available fot each playet. Many of the top playets have doodled a picture for their avatar; you can, too, by going to Options-»Face Doodle. Finally, if a player gets obscene or offensive with their doodling, you can vote to boot them from the game.

LEADERBOARD: Track your progress with a stats page that shows your rank, how well you guess, and how well you draw. The stats page also shows how many games you have played and won, both individually and as part of a team.

If you want to challenge your inner circle, you can set up a private, friends-only game and wait for your friends to join. They'll need to know the name of the private game to find it. If you get impatient, press the Home button, send a text message from your SMS app, and return to the game by clicking on the icon in your status bar that this app leaves in place while it's running. For example, I can set up a private game and text a couple of friends with ChompSMS and tell them to get their Doodle on. I let them know that my text name (mikehatora) is the same as my Doodle name so they can find the game quickly. This way, if you have a family event and a couple of Android phones, you can have a nice little "family feud." You can take a screen capture of the image that is drawn by using the menu button.

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