Best Business Apps

Your Android-based phone is both an elegant device that will provide hours of entertainment and a handy tool for personal and business productivity. Android-based phones give you the power to be productive wherever you are. Whether you're figuring out where to entertain a client or what sort of budget you have for your Travel and Entertainment activities, or whether you're managing projects, transferring spreadsheets, editing documents, or preparing a presentation, your Android-based phone has both the muscle and the intelligence to make quick work of the job at hand.

This chapter shows you how to turn your Android-based phone into the Swiss Army knife of productivity. When you download the right apps, your phone can help you manage your time, to-do lists, ideas, and work environment, and show off your amazing skill for juggling documents and schedules. Android has some distinct advantages over other phone platforms, and in the following pages we highlight some of the apps and features that provide this advantage.

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