Best Augmented Reality Game

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Version: 1.0.8

If you'd like to be a Ghostbuster (or at least pretend you are), you can walk around playing this virtual ghost hunting game. This augmented reality app uses your phone's GPS and camera to overlay gameplay on the real world, so you can hunt for virtual ghosts across a map of where you are. You can also check your awards, game progress, stats, and records. It's like an old-style scavenger hunt, but for ghosts. Who you gonna call?

GHOSTBUSTING LEGEND: Spec-Trek allows you to create up to three different profiles. You can use them for different locations, times, or even for letting someone else play your copy of the game. I use one profile on the way to work and another at home at night.

AUGMENT YOUR WORLD: Face it, augmented reality is really cool, and this app touches just the tip of what is possible. You'll get hooked on lookina for ghosts in your surroundings. I fii myself walking by"past-finds"and thinking, "Hey, this is where I found ghost #3!"Chase some ghosts arou' your city, house, or office, and burn some calories while you're at it!

Best App to Customize Your Ringtone



Version: 1.5 LevelUp Studio

RING SMART: The sleep feature is great: you can turn off all rings, data, Bluetooth, and notifications based on your normal sleeping hours. You can also define emergency contacts with a special ringtone that can get through even if you are in a "sleep zone."I find this very useful because I want to make sure my aging parents can reach me whenever they need to.

PHYSICAL ZONE: This app not only uses different ringtones for different times of day, but also for different locations. I have my normal ringtone set for my office in Cambridge and louder ringtones when I am at home. This geo-temporal-contextual feature is a great way to customize your phone.

Don't let the name of this app confuse you. This context-aware ringtone app lets you set up rules for different locations, so that your phone switches ringtone based on the position reported by your GPS. FoxyRing even filters the sound volume based on the ambient noise in your surroundings. So if you are at a noisy public event, you get a loud ring; if you are in a quiet office, you get a quiet ring. You can also define your sleeping hours to mute your rings while you slumber.

Best App for Filtering News Information

Buzz Deck


Version: 1.0.1

With all the different news sources out there, keeping up can be a monumental task. Enter Buzz Deck, an app that aggregates all the different sources into one place. It can bring you CNN, ABCNews, Twitter, Facebook, and any other hotbeds of information about world, national, and local happenings. If you prefer a source that isn't among the built-in offerings, you can add a custom "card" with the web URL—and you can add as many custom cards as you want. Then, fine-tune the app's notification settings to get updates when you want.

SELECTIONS ABOUND: This app is an excellent way to manage all your information channels in one place, and it offers a great selection of sources to start with. Just select one of the standard icons, and you'll start to receive the summary information for that category. Note that if your refresh rate is set for only once a day, you may want to refresh manually after you add any new channels.

CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT: If you want to go beyond the standard cards, enter a URL and Buzz Deck loads It. It's like building yout own newspaper, one card at a time. I can receive and read nev faster through this app than by perusing copies of the fiotfon Globe and the New York Times. This Is the news of the future.

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