Best App to Navigate the Solar System

Celeste SE

Version: 1.0.3 Terminal Eleven LLC

It may be a dark and stormy night, but regardless of whether you can see the stars, this app has you covered. Simply point your phone in any direction and it will place the planets on the screen in accordance with your geographical position. Using this app is pretty simple: the first time you run it, you are prompted to make figure-eight motions to calibrate and coordinate the tracking and GPS. This app is especially cool at night, with all the objects in our solar system visible.

FIND YOUR DIRECTION AND PLANETS: If you're at all like me, you may sometimes feel like a bit of an extraterrestrial. Now you can find your place in the universe. As you move your phone around, you will see various heavenly objects superimposed onto your world. Keep going and find your planets.

TRACK: If you move your phone to a point along the path a planet is going to take, Celeste will indicate when it will reach that point. You will also see the other planets that are in the same trajectory. Click on an object in the solar system to read some interesting facts about it.

Best Photo Game

A World of Photo


Version: 1.0.5 Michael Elsdorfer

This is a modern "spin" (ahem) on the old "spin the bottle" game. Everyone is connected through "Central," and from there you will be prompted to spin your phone. The app will move on the map in the direction that the phone stops, and try to find someone for you to send a photo to. Keep in mind that that person will be rating your photo, so try to make it interesting—don't just take a picture of your TV screen (I received one of these)! The more highly rated photos you send, the more your reputation will grow.

WHAT'S GOING ON: A World of Photo offers a cool, unique way of seeing what's going on in the world. People exchange photos from different parts of the globe, and each photo reflects that person's individual perspective and environment. Watch out, though—this app can become addictive!


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A World Of Photo


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SPREAD YOURSELF THIN: Always accept the opportunity to contribute a photo. Make it interesting because people will be rating you. Your stats will show up in Central, which shows the activity across the network (photo sharing and ratings). It's neat to see your photo travel around the world. Suggestion: be nice when rating oth-ers'photos. They'll be rating you too.


A World 01 Photo

A World Of Photo Central

Want (his app in your own language?

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The longest thread so far passed over 162 nodes

You have received IS photos jnd sent 12 yourself On average, the photos you sent have been rated 4.60 stars by your peers.

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