Best App to Determine Object Distance



Version: 1.0.3

Highway North Interactive, Inc.

Have you ever wondered how far it is to that house you see on the top of the hill? Or how far you'd have to swim to make it across the lake? Andrometer allows you to measure the approximate distance between you and an object, or the height and width of something you see on the horizon. So how tall is that building you always see on your way to work? You can get a pretty good approximation by installing Andrometer.

MEASURE IT: This app works best if you you are outside where there is good GPS reception. If you want to measure the width of a building, simply click on Width, take a snapshot of one corner of the building, then walk 20 meters and snap the other corner. The accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor will do the calculations for

DETAILS OR SUMMARY: Once you measure something, you can view either the details or the summary of that item. I like to see both, and fortunately they are only a click away. This app is better for measuring larger objects like buildings, rather than smaller, upclose objects. 33

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