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Version: 1.0.1

Tasker gets to the heart of what makes Android, well, Android—it allows you unrestricted freedom to do anything you want with your apps and your phone. After all, your phone should work for you! This app can add extra actions to your settings. With more than 100 actions available in 12 categories— and each action with its own customizable set of parameters—it's hard to believe how much functionality is crammed into one app.

CUSTOM APP BEHAVIOR: You'll recall that the SweetDreams app can deactivate sleep mode when it hears a sound louder than breathing or snoring. I take it a step further with Tasker: I want my phone to go into record mode so I can hear what the noise was or listen to myself babble in my sleep. With Tasker, I create a task that starts five minutes after I sleep, waits for SweetDreams to deactivate, and then records. Slick.

CREATING A TASK: Tasker offers a bunch of built-in variables to help you create your task. Combine all the options, set your limits, specify threshold conditions, and you've created a task. Use these variables to control what triggers a task and what happens when it's triggered. You can also check out the online tutorial for more help mastering Tasker:

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