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Hoccer is not only handy and convenient, but it's also cool to use. You can share data, contacts, or whatever else you want by making gestures similar to throwing a frisbee. It's like playing catch with information, and it's fun and useful with this app. Whether you want to share a contact, picture, bookmark, or text, Hoccer is just right for a quick exchange of data. For example, a speaker at a conference could throw his contact details out to the audience, and people with this app could catch the information.

CONTACT SHARING: Why keep all your contacts locked up? Share them with others, and have fun at the same time. Simply fire this app up, select a contact, mimic throwing a frisbee, and voilà—your contact is on its way to a new device. This is so simple, yet ridiculously fun and addicting. You may find yourself walking around looking for opportunities to throw data.

YOU CAN MAKE IT SECURE: You probably don't want to share your boss's information with just anyone, so if you want to send info to only one person, you can: tap on your device and you will pair with another user's device; if the user accepts your pairing request, you're connected exclusively. It's not absolute security in a large group setting, but in most cases it's good enough.



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