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Version: 2.0 Bogee Int.

Success in this game is dependent on your ability to perform small but firm actions on your phone, like tapping on the side, in order to maneuver the balls around the map. You need to move two balls simultaneously toward the target, which is a gold bull's-eye. As you would expect, the game gets more difficult as you progress through the levels. There are items on the grid that either help or hinder your ability to master the level. This game grows on you quickly.

SENSE YOUR WAY AROUND: This game gives you the option of turning the sensor and vibration on or off. I'd suggest turning them both on. This way you get a real, physical sensation as you move the balls around the screen. Turning the sensor and vibration off makes playing the game less visceral but more difficult.

LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN: All you have to worry about are simple directional movements. Easy! But there are also special icons that appear. Some take your ball to different places, and others inhibit your progress. It's maddening and challenging at the same time, and this app keeps you coming back for more.

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