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AK Notepad


Version: 1.9.5 Snaptic

AK Notepad gives you a great environment to write, share, and manage all your notes. It's a straightforward app that allows you to get up and running quickly and easily. The reminder feature alerts you of impending deadlines—it's like having a calendar built into your notes. Once you've written your note, you can send it to a friend or colleague via email or SMS, or stick it to your main screen for a desktop shortcut. AK Notepad also provides a nice search feature that allows you to find your note using either the tags or a simple search when your to-do list starts getting long.

EASY ENTRY: You enter notes with a simple click, and start typing by a simple touch on the screen. The default note has the look of a traditional yellow legal pad, but you can change the background color to have a different offset color if you prefer more contrast. Another nice feature is that if you enter a URL in your note, it becomes a live link automatically without having to type any HTML.

ADD AND GO: Once you start adding notes, you'll see that they are listed in order of the date you entered them. To change this, go to your settings and change the Sort Order to either Modified Time, Created Time, or Title. I prefer ordering by title, because I find it more useful to look things up by subject rather than when I started writing it or when I edited it. If you click and hold on a note, you will be prompted to View, Edit, Delete, Share, Stick-it, or Export to text file.

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Version: 1.3 Evernote Corporation

The notes that you take with the Evernote app can be accessed from both your Android device and your computer. You can quickly add a text note, audio note, photo snapshot, or file upload to your library from any of your devices. One particularly cool feature is Notes Nearby, which lets you find notes that were written near your current GPS location. I used this at a recent wine tasting event, and when I went back to the liquor store a few weeks later, I found my notes and exactly what I was looking for. Likewise, if you have a meeting in a particular conference room, you can use this feature to find your action items.

QUICK VIEW: You can view your notes using either the thumbnail view (the default) or as a list only. Evernote also allows you to sort your notes by date created or date updated, in ascending or descending order. Finding your items by search works well, too: just type in anything that may be in your note, and your results will be returned quickly. With this app you can take notes on your desktop machine and view them later on your phone or vice versa, so your notes are always there when you need them.

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HASHTAGS AS LABELS: If you've ever used Twitter, you know that hashtags are a great way to tag content. A hashtag is simply a # sign followed by a word—for example, #projectX. AK Notepad allows you to use hashtags and access them later by browsing the Labels.

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