Best App for Money Management


Free Version: 1.2.2 Handy Apps

This app is a versatile money manager that tracks expenses and has reminders built in for a variety of things. Other useful features include bill-pay reminders, multiple accounts and currencies, fully customizable income/expense categories, transfers between accounts, budgets, and reports. This app has many predefined budget categories and includes a New Category feature, so you can customize your budget and get your expenses well organized.

quick view of accounts: The Accounts Overview button takes you to a dashboard that shows you all the accounts you have and their current balances. If you drill down on an account, you will see all transactions and transfers into and out of the account during a chosen period of time. You can also add a recurring transaction to the account directly through this screen.

check out your history: The reports menu offers all sorts of graphical reports that allow you to view your money and transactions in a variety of ways, including custom time periods and filtered by categories. The cash flow report is awesome for showing you what is going on monthly with your deposits and withdrawals.

Best App for Budgeting

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