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Free / $9.95 Full version Version: 1.1.0 SPB Software

If watching TV in your doctor's waiting room doesn't cut it, give this app a try. SPB TV allows you to take your own TV programs wherever you go. The free "lite" version is shown here, but you'll probably want to splurge for the pay version to get more channels. There's even a picture-in-picture feature, which is handy if you're not sure which program to watch. Obviously, this isn't a full cable-like TV in your pocket—it has limitations, including battery life and bandwidth constraints. But it still beats watching airport TV

STOCK PROGRAMS: There are hundreds of TV shows that are loaded in the pay version of SPB TV. They can be accessed by flicking the icons at the bottom of the window. The show you are considering will pop up, and if you select it, you may be provided with information about upcoming show times. Click on a show time, and you will be prompted to add the time/show to your calendar.

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TV GUIDE: SPB TV may not quite compare to a full cable package, but it offers a good variety of shows. If you find a show you enjoy, then you can look for future airings on your particular channel. Click on the time and you will be prompted to add it to your calendar. Scroll on the date to move from day to day while still on the same channel.

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00:00 The Bloomberg Edge 01:00 Global Connection 02:00 Start Up 03:30 Countdown

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06:00 Asia Business Tonight 06:30 FirstUp with Scarlet Fu

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08 00 *jia Business Tonight 08:30 Inside Track with Oeldre Bolton 09:00 In The Loop with Betty Liu

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