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If you're among the 20 million people in the world who lose their phones each year, you'll appreciate the security this app provides. With WaveSecure, you can back up all your data, videos, photos, and other media. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can wipe out all the data remotely, and restore it later if you find your phone. You can also lock down your phone to protect sensitive data that you don't want falling in the wrong hands, like your saved passwords.

TAKE ACTION: You've lost your phone! What's your first move? Well, if you've made backups with this app, you can safely go ahead and wipe all the data off the device. Then, you can lock it down completely. In this way, you've not only removed all of your sensitive data, files, and settings, but you've also disabled the device so that no one can even use it. This is pretty slick for thwarting would-be thieves.


This phone h« been locked. PI*«» contact • 19780001111 to return the phone press menu to enter your PIN and unlock the phone lenCu

PHYSICALLY LOCKED: Normally if you lose your phone, someone can just switch out the SIM card and your phone (and data) would be gone. However, with WaveSecure, any attempt to switch out the SIM card would lock down the phone. Not only that, when someone tries to switch the SIM card, the phone will sound an alarm, send you its location, and instruct the holder to call a number and return it. This is high-security stuff!

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Auto Lock W.

Auto locks phone on SIM dvmge

Enable Alarm mm

Sound alarm «Aen phone 11 auto locked on SIM Change

Send Location W.

Send location on SIM Change

Change lock message

Note: (0( m the message Is replaced by Ira oI buddy phone nunberv

Add SIM to safe SIM list


WEB SECURE: WaveSecure's web interface displays all the actions you can run remotely when your device is lost, including Lock,Track, Location, Backup, Wipeout, and Restore. It also lets you view the data that is backed up on the server. You can view contacts, SMS messages, call logs, and media. So even if someone was able to get past your SIM change lock and put in a new SIM card, you would be able to see their call logs, SMS messages, contacts, and media additions.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Once logged into the website, you can track your phone's location and set the tracking interval—for example, you can tell WaveSecure to record your phone's location every 60 minutes. Customize your view by selecting one of the four map options: Map Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain. Sort by location (to see how many times your phone visited the Starbucks on 9th St, for example), or sort by date to see all the places your phone visited on that particular day The location page also displays the most recent service provider, so if someone inserts a different SIM card, you'll know which company to contact to find out about recovering your device.

Secure, Really?

Let's be frank—you're never completely secure if your phone is lost or stolen. In a matter of minutes, I managed to use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to browse the filesystem and access all the data and files on a locked-down phone. And if I can do it so easily, it's a sure bet that someone who makes a living preying on unsuspecting people will get access too (unless there is a setting I missed that prevents access from the SDK file manager). So you need to take precautions. First, back up your system using this app. Then, if you lose your phone, don't just lock it down—wipe it first. Just do it! Then lock it down so the phone will send you its GPS coordinates. If it is in your house oranother place you know, look harder. And if it is truly lost or stolen, at least you wiped the data so that you won't be financially vulnerable to an unscrupulous thief.

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