Best App for Mobile File Sharing



Version: 1.2 Aruna Labs

This is an intuitive yet full-featured app for storing and accessing files in Go-Aruna's "cloud" of storage servers. It provides many options for accessing files in GoAruna's storage servers or on your personal computer. The app allows you to perform actions on multiple files at once, which can be handy if you want to transfer several related files.

LOCAL/REMOTE/CLOUD: GoAruna offers a nice Desktop application that will show you what is on your local computer and on the cloud storage computer. Your Android device can see both places as well, and can get and put files in either space. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use, and there's a nice encryption feature that allows you to keep your documents safe and secure in the cloud or when transferring them around devices.




Version: 0.41 Carmen Delessio

Quickly upload a file, put a password on it, and then annotate it, share it, or add links to it; DroidDrop has a number of options, but not so many that it complicates matters. You can repeat past drops, and set the expiration date of your drops.

Best App for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing



Version: 0.13.4 Eric Kok

Use this app to transfer peer-to-peer Torrents. If you set up your desktop computer correctly, you can authenticate your phone and grab files that you have shared. You can also create logins for other folks and authorize them to grab copies of files on your phone. In this way, Transdroid is like a full-blown Torrent manager for your phone. This app can be set up to provide RSS feeds when new shares are found. It also has some nice filtering options, as well as the ability to set your transfer rates, both outgoing and incoming.

SETUP: Most of the work you have to do on this app is in the setup. In short, setup is not simple and is the only drawback to using this app. There is a great screencast at that shows you the basics. You can also make secure file transfers by setting up this app to access your desktop machine if you have a Torrent app installed there. The search feature is fast and simple, and with one click you can start your download.

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