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Dedicado B.V. & 8Projects

Go ahead—embrace your inner hippie, rock n' roller, pop star, or whatever floats your music boat with this app. Simply search for a song you want to know more about, and voilà—you'll have oodles of information at the tap of your finger. This app does a mash up of data from MusicBrainz, Billboard, lyricsfly, BBC Music, YouTube, BrandsInTown, Twitter, and Google Analytics to bring you the most up-to-date information.

SIMPLE START: This app might not look like much when you first fire it up, but hold on—it'll bring back more information than you think. Make sure you pay attention to your search criteria. My first search for find Bob Dylan's "Beyond Here Lies Nothing"went unfulfilled, simply because Nothing is spelled Nothin' in the song title. This app does not have a "Do you mean" feature like Google, so be careful to search for exactly what you want to find.

MASHUP HEAVEN: This app mashes up several sources and returns great results in an organized manner. If you're wondering whether the artist has a website, Twitter account, videos on YouTube, Wikipedia page, or any plans to tour in your city, this app can give you all that info in one click. Another cool feature is that lyrics are included, but even cooler, you can fix incorrect lyrics by going directly to from this app.

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