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This app allows you to remind yourself or others of something of interest (or something to do) at a certain location. For instance, I typically get gas for my car on Mondays because one of our local stations has an 8 cents per gallon discount that day. Now, instead of blithely driving by in a preoccupied haze, I can have a message sent to me when I'm getting close to remind me to stop in. This is the essence of spot messaging: go by a spot, and receive a message.

HOME IN: To make this work well, you need to know your location, at least at the street level. Once you pick the street, you can narrow the radius by using the minus sign. Then it's just a matter of clicking the placement icon to mark your spot. The radius is fairly wide, which accounts for imperfect GPS reception. If you already know where you need to go, the reminder is all you need to jog your memory.

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SHARE YOUR SPOTS: You have the option to share your spots with friends via Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, text message, email, and QR Codes (two-dimensional barcodes). For example, you could send your friends a "stop for a beer"mes-sage. This would help your friends who might not be familiar with your local establishments. I think this app has tons of potential, especially for memory-challenged folks.

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