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Teradesk Mobile


Version: 1.5

Teradesk e-Storage Systems

Teradesk distinguishes itself through its flexibility, utility, and ease of use. Being a virtual file storage and remote file access tool, Teradesk uses secure encryption to transfer files to and from your Android device, and will automatically resume if your file transfer is interrupted. This app can process file transfers in the background while you work on something else. Teradesk can access your files that are on a server or device you point to, or that are up in the "cloud" of servers that Teradesk stores your virtual disk on.

SMART FEATURES: In addition to the standard folder types, you can add all sorts of other folders in which to store and access your content. This is a graphically rich UI that makes navigation easy and intuitive. Availability is not an issue, as the Te-radisk is built on top of Amazon's cloud storage and server infrastructure. If you use the standard 1 gigabyte storage, you will not need to purchase more.

SHARE IT, DON'T EMAIL IT: With Teradesk you avoid using email to send files; instead, you can share your files with friends and coworkers with just one click. People can be notified via email or SMS about new documents and download files directly. It's easy to integrate Internet applications and Google Docs into your workflow. And instead of needing to bring your files to your local computer, you can just send them directly from cloud to cloud, using the large backbone of providers.

CONTROL FILES: File transfers are designed to resume transparently after connection problems. This resume feature really helps when you use mobile apps, and especially when transferring large files. In Android-based mobile phones, it is possible to have multiple file transfers occurring simultaneously. Teradesk give you lots of options on what to do with your files in the cloud. In short, this app never ceases to impress with its myriad options, features, and capabilities.



Version: 1.5 Sharpcast, Inc.

This app is not quite as full-featured as Teradesk, but it is very intuitive to set up and use. Its options and settings are minimal, and once you install the PC/Mac/Linux client you are able to share, protect, and access your files and directories on any designated computer that is connected to the Internet. One particularly handy feature is Share <directoryname>, which allows you to share your files with whomever you choose. Uploading files is pretty easy and if you use WiFi or 3G, it's fairly quick as well.

AUTOMATIC TRANSFERS: SugarSync uses local, remote, and cloud storage options. In short, you can access to your files on a computer and transfer them to your device or to a 2-gigabyte storage cloud provided by SugarSync. Edit any document directly on your phone, and SugarSync will detect the changes and automatically prompt you to upload the revisions to the cloud or your personal computer. The same holds true for taking photos: you will be prompted to save them to your cloud storage or personal computer.

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